Try smokeless nicotine cigarettes, says government | Society | The Guardian

In the UK, the government pushes for citizens to swith to e-cigarettes because officals “officials believe the rigid “quit or die” approach to smoking advice no longer works.” The first annual report of the “nudge unit” ( the Cabinet Office’s insight team), states that if  “alternative and safe nicotine products can be developed which are […]

Was 1998 tobacco pact a bad deal for some U.S. states? – The Center for Public Integrity

“U.S. states have collected about $75 billion so far from a 1998 settlement with big tobacco companies to resolve litigation over escalating Medicaid costs for smoking-related health care. But Stanford professor Jeremy Bulow calls the lucrative settlement a ‘bad deal’ for many of the 46 states….” Read more: Was 1998 tobacco pact a bad deal […]

Big Drug’s Nicotine War, by Wanda Hamilton

First a few quotes from this excellent 2001 piece by Wanda Hamilton: One of the most popular sessions of the entire conference, with more than 4,000 attendees, was “Nicotine Plenary: The Greatest Science Show on Earth,” sponsored by SmithKline Beecham [SKB All in all, the 11th World Conference on Tobacco and Health was a highly […]

Star Scientific’s Tobacco Lozenges Get Favorable FDA Ruling – Bloomberg

By Molly Peterson – Mar 23, 2011 3:47 PM CT Star Scientific Inc. (CIGX) said U.S. regulators ruled that two of the company’s lozenge brands aren’t subject to regulation under the 2009 tobacco law. The Food and Drug Administration’s decision clears the way for Star Scientific, based in Glen Allen, Virginia, to start selling its […]

Big Pharma rumbles with Big Tobacco

When the FDA’s advisory panel includes members with financial stakes in pharmaceutical companies (one even holding a patent for a nicotine gum), you have to wonder where the loyalties really lie. As Phillip Morris’ long-lobbied and long-awaited Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act the Tobacco Act gave unprecedented power to the FDA to regulate tobacco […]

Phillip Morris targets e-Cig Vendor: “Cowboy” e-juice infringes on Marlboro trademark

FDA letter aren’t the only unwelcome items in an e-cig vendor’s mailbox, tobacco giant Phillip Morris   recently sent V2 Cigs a letter claiming th company’s “Cowboy” flavored e-juice “infringed and diluted”  the world-famous Marlboro trademark.  Read the article: BusinessWire 03/14/11: Cowboy Showdown: Philip Morris Aims at Small Electronic Cigarette Company

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