Care and Troublshooting Insert for CE4 and CE4+

Highly acidic, citrus, cinnamon-based eJuices may increase chance of certain plastics cracking/fogging. When in doubt, test a small area of plastic by exposing it to juice for a period before filling. We do not replace equipment damaged from eJuice reaction. To Fill: Remove drip tip. Tilt CE4 sideways, drip liquid down side until just under […]

Assembling and Troubleshooting eGo-C Atomizer

First, always blow any existing fluid out of new atomizers, then prime atomizer bridge with a drop or two of eJuice. Fill cartridges using a syringe or by removing the plug at the bottom of the tank cartridge and dripping ejuice into the cartridge (and remember to replace plug after filling). To allow airflow and […]

The Art of Direct Dripping (and using 510 atomizers with cartridges)

Direct Dripping is the most fool-proof way to vape your favorite eJuiceMonkeys flavor. It will provide you with the best flavor, the most control and you’ll find your atomizers will last considerable longer than when you use cartridges (mainly because you  keep your atomizer wet at all times). Direct Dripping with a 510 atomizer is […]

Cleaning Cartomizers

For some, it’s a matter of mastery – for others, it’s a matter of emergency (though mindful monkeys won’t find themselves without a spare, right?). This is just one of many ways you can clean out or extend the life of your cartomizer.  

Your eCig Battery Lights, But It Doesn’t Work (or Doesn’t Charge)…

Over-tightening or atomizers with protruding connection posts can push the connection post on battery down very slightly – but this is often enough to cause a loss of connection between the atomizer and the battery, or the charger and the battery. Watch this video to see how you can resolve this common occurrence:

Assembling the eGo-W

Read accompanying materials and become familiar with your eGo-W. Understand how it works and identify all parts. For easier handling, screw clearomizer or assembly onto your  battery. If starting with an assembly, remove cover & mouthpiece from shell. Remove shell by pulling in direction indicated (shell is not screwed on). After filling syringe/injector bottle (included […]

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