Godshall Chronicles 06/08/17

THR Research

Snus Saves Lives: A study of snus and tobacco related mortality in the EU

The Snus Commission’s third report estimates deaths attributable to the EU snus banwww.clivebates.com/documents/SnusCommissionJune2017.pdf

“In total and among men over the age of 30, 355,000 lives per year could have been saved if the other EU countries had matched Sweden’s tobacco-related mortality rate. Sweden clearly has the lowest tobacco- related mortality rate within the EU in relation to its population despite daily tobacco consumption among men being at the same level as other countries in Europe.” “In 24 of the EU’s 27 member states, the tobacco-related mortality rate is more than double that of Sweden, relative to their population size.”

San Diego State study finds vaping not an indoor air pollutant, finds leading causes of indoor air pollution (i.e. PM 2.5) in California homes are cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke, vacuuming/dusting/sweeping home in past week, frying food and burning incense/candles; “We observed no apparent difference in the weekly mean particle distribution between 43 homes reporting any electronic cigarette usage and those reporting none.”  See Tables 4 & 5

But indoor air pollution study abstract and San Diego State’s press release touting the study never mentioned the study’s key finding (i.e. vaping NOT an indoor air pollutant)

Study finds cigarette smokers who vape (dual users) were far more likely than exclusive smokers (25.9% vs 11.2%) to reduce cigarette consumption by 50+% after six months, and were far more likely (22.8% vs 10.9%) to make a quit attempt of at least 7 days, further documenting the health benefits of vaping by cigarette smokers (i.e. dual use).

But authors falsely claim “It remains unclear whether regular e-cigarette users are also more likely to stop smoking.”

BAT study finds no detectable difference between vapor produced by e-cigarette (Vype epen) and new heat not burn product (iFuse)

PMI issues second Scientific Update for Smoke-Free Products

Brad Rodu: A smokeless tobacco-pancreatic cancer claim is refuted

Salynn Boyles: Snus cleared of pancreatic cancer risk www.medpagetoday.com/Pulmonology/Smoking/65372

Brad Rodu: Sticking to the facts on e-cigarettes and nicotine medicines

EU THR Surveillance

European Commission issues anti-THR Special Eurobarometer 458 Report: Attitudes of Europeans towards tobacco and e-cigarettes; 205 page EC report on 2017 survey finds:

Smoking in EU

– Sweden (7%) and UK (17%) have lowest smoking rates (due largely to THR products).

– Largest smoking declines since 2006 were in Sweden (from 18%) and UK (from 34%).

– Greece (37%), Bulgaria and France (36%), Croatia (35%) have highest smoking rates.

– While 25% of EU residents 15+ and 24% of Swedes 15+ use tobacco daily, 24% of EU residents 15+ smoke daily compared to 5% in Sweden (where snus has been legal).

– 91% of smokers in the EU smoke daily compared to just 52% in Sweden.

– 26% of EU residents 15+ smoke cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars or pipe, but 24% do daily.

– EU cigarette smokers consume an average of 13.7 cigarettes per day.

– Few EU residents 15+ smoke cigarillos (3%), cigars (2%) or pipes (1%), and just 1% smoke any of these products daily.

Smokeless Tobacco Use in EU

– Just 5% of EU residents 15+ ever used low risk smokeless tobacco compared to 50% in Sweden (due to the EU’s cigarette protecting snus ban that Sweden is exempted from).

– <1% of EU residents 15+ use low risk smokeless tobacco daily compared to 20% in Sweden, 2% in Finland and 1% in Denmark.

Vaping in EU

– 4% of exsmokers in the EU currently vape, including 14% in UK, 7% in Ireland, 6% in France and Belgium, 5% in Greece, but just 0% in Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Luxemburg, and just 1% in Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia, Netherlands and Cyprus.

– 4% of smokers in the EU currently vape, including 8% in France & Belgium, 7% in Austria, Denmark & Luxumbourg, 6% in UK, Germany, Malta & Cyprus, but just  0% in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Hungary & Croatia, and 1% in Romania, Slovakia & Slovenia.

– Among current vapers in the EU, 67% vape daily, 20% vape weekly, 7% vape monthly.

– Among current vapers in the EU, 47% vape fruit flavors, 36% vape tobacco flavor, 22% vape menthol or mint flavors, 18% vape candy flavors, and 2% vape alcohol flavors.

– Among ever users of tobacco and e-cigarettes in the EU, just 1% used e-cigarettes first (disproving the Big Lie that e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking).

Smoking Cessation in EU

– Among exsmokers in the EU, 81% quit smoking without assistance, 7% quit with Big Pharma drugs, 6% quit by vaping, and 4% quit with medical advice or cessation service.

– Among EU smokers who have tried to quit, 66% tried to quit without assistance, 16% tried Big Pharma drugs, 15% tried e-cigarettes, 6% tried medical or cessation services.

Note the EC report authors asked biased questions about vaping and smokeless tobacco, and presented skewed findings (e.g. by using “ever use” data in the denominator) to demonize low risk vapor and smokeless tobacco, and to discredit them as cessation aids.

Australian Surveillance

Australian government survey finds insignificant decline in daily cigarette smoking (following its highly touted plain packaging law) compared to huge declines in the US and UK (where vapor products are legal and have helped millions quit smoking)

US THR Surveillance

CDC vapor prohibitionists find 45.2% of American adults know vaping causes little or no harm to children, but deceitfully claim CDC should continue deceiving the public about vaping and nicotine, and advocate more vaping bans and other policies to prevent more  smokers from switching to lifesaving vapor products

Press release hypes CDC’s junk study that deceives readers to believe 2nd hand vapor is harmful for children

CDC’a Brian King, Big Pharma funded ALA, left wing NPR and Baylor’s Harold Farber hype false fear mongering claims about 2nd hand vapor, deceitfully conflate smokefree vaping with deadly cigarette smoking

Mike Siegel: CDC bemoans fact that public has an accurate understanding of secondhand vaping risk

CDC’s Global Youth Tobacco Survey finds vastly different past month tobacco smoking rates among 13-15 year olds in 61 different countries (from 1.7% in Sri Lanka to 35% in Timor-Leste), median rate of 10.7%; Authors falsely claim “Tobacco use is the world’s leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality, resulting in nearly 6 million deaths each year” (as daily cigarette smoking, not tobacco use, is the leading cause of disease and death, causing nearly 6 million deaths each year), document huge need for low risk smokefree alternatives, but tout WHO’s anti-THR MPOWER policies.

CDC and Big Pharma funded CTFK misrepresent findings of CDC’s international youth smoking survey to promote WHO FCTC & MPOWER, which oppose vaping, deceitfully conflate low risk smokeless tobacco with deadly cigarettes, lobby to tax low risk tobacco at same rate as cigarettes, lobby for taxpayer subsidization of ineffective Big Pharma cessation drugs and medicalization of cessation, and lobby for unconstitutional and ineffective advertising, promotion and sponsorship bans for ALL tobacco products.

More US DHHS Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

DHHS’s Tom Novotny falsely attributes all cigarette smoking diseases, healthcare costs and lost productivity to “tobacco use” (to continue duping Americans to believe that all tobacco use is as harmful as cigarette smoking) on WHO’s World No Tobacco Day

CDC’s Brian King et al advocate banning all flavored tobacco products even though very low risk snus and moist snuff, and low risk cigars are significantly more likely to contain characterizing flavors than are far more harmful cigarettes.

NIH funds Univ of Arizona professor Judith Gordon and Oregon Research Institute’s Judy Andrews to deceive youth about vaping

“Right now, kids think there’s no risk in using e-cigarettes, so we want to make sure they understand the dangers involved, not only now but in the future. We want to teach them what e-cigarettes are, and change their perceptions of the device. For example, they don’t even know there’s such a thing as second-hand vapor,” said Dr. Gordon.

DHHS funded THR opponent John Pierce et al, vapor prohibitionists at Pediatrics, and UCSD press release claim PATH data found vapor ads may encourage teens to smoke cigarettes, but fail to acknowledge PATH data finding vaping has helped many smokers quit smoking, and that vaping is a gateway away from smoking (not towards smoking) pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2017/05/18/peds.2016-3353

DHHS funded vaping opponents criticize e-liquid companies for NOT posting warnings (four months before FDA’s Deeming Rule went into effect) that falsely claim vaping nicotine is addictive (as there is no evidence that vaping has addicted any never smoker, and because “addiction” requires both dependence and harm to the user)

DHHS and Bloomberg funded Joanna Cohen at Johns Hopkins and BMJ advocate the enactment of unconstitutional (in the US) plain packaging cigarette laws abroad despite no evidence Australia’s law reduced cigarette consumption or smoking rates

DHHS funded tobacco control extremists Peter Shields et al urge FDA to make cigarettes more harmful (by banning cigarette filters), cite increase of one type of lung cancer (after filters were added to cigarettes) but ignore significant overall decline in lung cancer, heart disease and all cause death rates among smokers (after filters were added to cigarettes).

DHHS financed Peter Shields (who authored recent US tobacco cessation guidelines that falsely claims vaping doesn’t help smokers quit smoking) urges FDA to ban filtered cigarettes, claims doing so will reduce lung cancer rates among smokers.

News media hype claim by DHHS funded Peter Shields et al that filtered cigarettes increased cancer rates among smokers, and that banning filters would reduce cancer rates, without any fact checking and without interviewing any objective experts that disagree.

22nd Century touts US government purchase of 2.4 million additional very low nicotine cigarettes, touts DHHS funded junk studies of very low nicotine cigarettes to promote FDA cigarette prohibition (i.e. by banning sales of all cigarettes except  22nd Century’s very low nicotine cigarettes, which smokers won’t buy or smoke)



Trump says Francis Collins will stay on at the NIH

In January 2017, NIH Director Francis Collins deceptively touted FDA’s vapor Deeming Ban and Stan Glantz’ lies about vaping, and made the following false claims:

– vaping causes asthma and respiratory infections (despite zero scientific evidence),
– teen e-cig use is increasing (except the 2016 MTF found a 29% decline since 2014),
– there is “no evidence” e-cigs have contributed to sharp decline in youth smoking

– e-cigs have addicted more teens to nicotine (after the 2015 NYTS found <.1% of teen never tobacco users had used an e-cig on 10 or more of past 30 days)

US DHHS Budget

Trump Administration budget for DHHS mentions tobacco harm reduction in FDA CTP’s title (pg 18) REDUCING THE USE AND HARMS OF TOBACCO and description “decreasing the harms of tobacco product use”, but still falsely claims “Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States” (as daily cigarette smoking, not tobacco or nicotine use, is the leading cause of all those things); CTP’s budget increase is from user fees by tobacco companies.

Trump budget would reduce funding for NIH (pg 36), which has intentionally deceived the public about THR products for decades, and gave more than a billion dollars to hundreds of anti-THR researchers/activists at dozens of universities to demonize and misrepresent risks of lifesaving vapor products, very low risk smokeless tobacco, nicotine, flavorings, cigars/pipes, and lobby for the TCA (2000-2009), FDA’s vapor bans (2009-present), vaping/tobacco use bans, banning nearly all nicotine in cigarettes, etc.

Trump budget reduces CDC’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion funding (pg 28), much of which was wasted by Obama’s CDC to deceive the public about THR products and to lobby for FDA’s Deeming Reg, vaping and smokeless tobacco usage bans. Trump budget also reduces Prevention and Public Health fund (pg 28), that was used by Obama’s CDC to deceive the public about very low risk THR products and to lobby for vaping bans, smokeless tobacco use bans, FDA’s Deeming Regulation, etc.

Note that CDC’s Prevention and Public Health Fund spent $495.3 million since 2012 on “Tobacco Use Prevention” (i.e. $126M-2016, $111M-2015, $105M-2014, $60.3M-2013, $93M-2012), and Tobacco Use Prevention funds’ purpose was: “To raise awareness and shift key attitudes and beliefs about the harms of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke in areas of the country with some of the highest rates of tobacco use prevalence.”







Big Pharma financed CTFK’s Matt Myers makes many false fear mongering claims about Trump’s budget impact on CDC’s ability to reduce smoking, deceitfully conflates lifesaving vapor products and very low risk smokeless tobacco with deadly cigarettes

Vapor prohibitionist Legacy lies initiative’s Robin Koval hypocritically calls Trump’s budget “a reckless threat to defund essential programs that address the number one cause of preventable death in our country”, while deceitfully conflating the negligible risks of vaping and smokeless tobacco use with the very high risks of cigarette smoking.

After lying about vaping to lobby for vaping and FDA vapor bans, Obama’s CDC Director Tom Frieden claims Trump’s budget would “increase illness, death”, while FDA/NIH and Big Pharma funded American Heart Association (that has also lied about, and lobbied to ban vaping and vapor products since 2009) claims Trump’s budget is “devastating” and “unconscionable”.

Environmental extremist group Sierra Club criticizes Trump Administration for its DHHS hiring freeze (which hopefully includes jobs to promote FDA’s vapor Deeming Ban, vaping bans, propaganda about vapor, smokeless tobacco, nicotine, flavorings, etc.)

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb testifies at May 25 US House Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee hearing on FDA budget (FDA’s Deeming Ban was discussed)

CEI’s Michelle Minton: Gottlieb tells Congress FDA will base e-cig regulations on science

FDA Deeming Regulation

FDA files PMI’s 2+ million page MRTP applications for IQOS for scientific review

PMI’s 209 page Executive Summary for its MRTP applications for IQOS is at

Altria press release endorses PMI’s MRTP application for IQOS (since Altria will market PMI’s IQOS in the US if FDA approves PMI’s PMTA and MRTP applications)

US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) sends letter to FDA Cmsnr Scott Gottlieb urging him “to permanently rein in” on Obama’s vapor Deeming Ban

Paul Bedard: FDA urged to kill Obama’s e-cigarette regs, $1M tax on vape shops www.washingtonexaminer.com/fda-urged-to-kill-obamas-e-cigarette-regs-1m-tax-on-vape-shops/article/2623483

Lydia Wheeler: Johnson urges FDA Commissioner to review new rules for e-cigarettes

Ryan Ferrick: Ron Johnson asks FDA’s Gottlieb to reconsider e-cigarette regulations

EVCA: Save A Billion Lives without the FDA

CEI, ATR, Heartland, IWF, NCPPR, National Taxpayers Union, R Street and others send letter to FDA Cmsnr Gottlieb urging him to reject the Obama FDA’s vapor Deeming Ban

Independent Women’s Forum’s Julie Gunlock – E-Cigarettes: When Regulatory Overkill Actually Kills (excellent analysis of FDA’s vapor Deeming Regulation, except it inaccurately claims submitting a vapor product PMTA to FDA will cost just $400,000).

IWF’s Julie Gunlock interviews ATR’s Paul Blair: How vaping regulations harm those trying to quit

VTA’s Tony Abboud: Do not regulate a potentially life-saving product out of existence

VTA Update from May 26, 2017


R Street and health advocates urge Congress to support Cole/Bishop bill (HR 1136)

11 US Senate Democrats cosign letter to FDA Cmsnr Scott Gottlieb (that appears to be written by Big Pharma shill CTFK) urging him to impose the inhumane cigarette protecting vapor Deeming Ban that was imposed by Obama’s FDA (and that was lobbied for by Obama’s DHHS and Big Pharma shills CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, AAP, etc.)

Sally Satel and Clive Bates: Senators’ letter to FDA Commissioner Gottlieb perpetuates misconceptions about e-cigarettes

Betsy McGaughey: Senate Democrats smokescreens on e-cigs block safer alternatives

Judicial Watch posts internal CDC e-mails (obtained via FOIA request and subsequent litigation) “discussing the relative carcinogenicity of inhalation from” vapor products compared to combustible cigarettes.

FDA creates docket for NJOY’s petition urging delay of November 8, 2018 deadline to submit PMTAs for vapor products (until two years after FDA publishes a Final Guidance for PMTAs for vapor products) but that maintains all other disastrous cigarette protecting provisions of Obama’s FDA vapor Deeming Ban.

CASAA urges vapers to post comments supporting NJOY’s petition requesting FDA to delay the PMTA submission deadline

Vapor prohibitionist US Rep Frank Pallone (D-NJ), Ranking Member of House E&C Cmte, asks FDA and CPSC what the agencies have done to reduce vapor battery risks, while failing to acknowledge that FDA’s vapor Deeming Reg/Ban has banned vapor companies from marketing new lower risk vapor products since August 8, 2016

THR Business

US GAO sends report to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) delineating US vapor product imports, gallery.mailchimp.com/e739583f3fc216a80b74c12c3/files/f736fae1-0979-4dc2-8a2a-369ec382895b/GAO_2016_Import_report.pdf

Then Wyden demonizes vapor products to the news media, praises FDA’s vapor ban (without acknowledging it bans vapor products) and claims standards are needed for vapor products (even though FDA never proposed regulatory standards for vapor product, in sharp contrast to legislation (HR 2194) introduced by US Rep. Duncan Hunter).

BAT’s Glo roll-out in Japan sets up three-way war for smokers

Japan Tobacco International plans to quadruple output of smokefree alternatives by 2018

PMI begins marketing IQOS in South Korea

BAT builds three factories in South Korea to make BAT’s tobacco heating product glo

Vapor Tobacco Manufacturing expands manufacturing capacity for first certified organic heat not burn tobacco product “3T Organic Heat not Burn” after test market in Indiana

THR Education & Advocacy

Amy Faith Ho – Move over Hippocrates: Harm Reduction is the new paradigm for healthcare www.statnews.com/2017/05/30/harm-reduction-health-care/

Nate Sterling: How can e-cigarettes save millions of lives?

Lindsey Stroud: Health Departments lobbying against e-cigs are robbing taxpayers, harming public health

Sethu Iyer: Cracking down on e-cigs hurts real people to make others feel good

Brad Rodu: Chewers and dippers get the facts on smokeless from CASAA

CASAA’s Brian Carter: There was a snus convention in St. Louis

Philip Morris South Africa advocates low risk smokefree THR alternatives for smokers

Oliver Kershaw: Is vaping sticky enough? And how can we tell?


Judge orders UPS to pay $247 million for illegally shipping cigarettes (NY)



Ruling allowing Engle evidence in future trials makes it harder for tobacco companies in smoking lawsuits


Florida jury awards $2.4 million to former smoker, Philip Morris held liable



Editorial in The Economist wisely urges poor nations to increase taxes on cigarettes (and wisely doesn’t recommend taxing very low risk smokeless tobacco or vapor products)

Oklahoma increases cigarette tax from $1.03 to $2.53/pack

CASAA asks Delaware vapers to oppose Gov. Carney’s proposed 30% vapor and smokeless tobacco tax

Maine Senate Tax Cmte considers bill (LD 1548) to increase cigar and smoking tobacco tax from 20% to 47% of wholesale price, increase future tax rate with cigarette tax hikes halfwheel.com/maine-legislators-weighing-increase-tobacco-tax/151201

PA Rep. Jeff Wheeland introduces bill (HB 1477) to replace PA’s 40% vapor product tax to a $.05/ml tax on e-liquid, referred to House Finance Cmte

Flavoring Bans

Not Blowing Smoke opposes flavored vapor and tobacco sales bans in San Francisco, Oakland, San Leandro, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, and Contra Costa

Damon Jacobs and Brian Fojtik: Vape Flavor Ban Threatens San Francisco’s Legacy of Harm Reduction

Carrie Wade: California needs to think twice about banning flavored e-cigarettes

CASAA urges San Francisco vapers to oppose proposed ban on flavored vapor products

San Francisco bill that would ban sales of flavored vapor and tobacco products is at

EVCA: Stop the Flavors Ban in Oakland California

Guy Bentley: Proposed ban on e-cigarette flavors suffers well-deserved setback (San Leandro, CA)

Legacy lies initiative (which urged FDA to ban all flavored vapor products along with FDA’s Deeming Ban) lobbies to ban flavored cigars, touts two month old Legacy study that found 18-34 year old cigar smokers smoked an average 5.5-7.8 days in past month, and that found some/many cigar smokers smoked flavored cigars

Minimum Age Laws

Florida legislature ends session without passing bills that would have increased minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21.

New Hampshire Senate kills bill (HB 242) that would have redefined e-cigarettes to include non nicotine products, and would have redefined e-cigarettes as tobacco products and would have required them to be licensed as such.

Texas legislature ends 2017 session without approving bill (HB 1908) to increase minimum sales age for tobacco/vapor products to 21

New Jersey Assembly Cmte approves bill (AB 2320) to increase minimum age for vapor and tobacco sales to 21, goes to full Assembly, Gov. Christie could veto for 2nd time

Maine’s Joint Health Cmte approves bill (LD 1170) to increase minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21, Senate now considers bill

Massachusetts legislation to increase minimum age for vapor/tobacco sales to 21 would also ban vaping in workplaces, proponents falsely claim banning vaping in workplaces and increasing minimum age for vapor sales to 21 will reduce cigarette smoking

St. Lawrence County (NY) legislature rejects bill (11-4) that would have increased the  minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

Excelsior Springs (MO) raises minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

Smoking Bans

Philippine’s Dutarte bans smoking in public indoor and outdoor areas



Philippine DOH Secretary Ubial now seeks to ban smokefree vaping in workplaces



Flagstaff (AZ) City Council approves 1st reading of bill to ban smoking (but not vaping) at parks


Smoking/Vaping Bans

California Senate approves bill (SB 396) to ban vaping and tobacco smoking at state beaches and parks, with $250 fines for violators, sent to CA Assembly

California Assembly approves bill (AB 725) to ban vaping and tobacco smoking at state beaches and parks, with $250 fines for violators, sent to CA Senate

California Assembly approves bill (AB 62) to ban smoking and vaping inside all public housing, and outdoors within 25 feet of public housing, goes to Senate

Connecticut Senate bickers, adjourns without a vote on smoking (vaping?) ban at beaches

Laguna Beach (CA) bans smoking and smokefree vaping on sidewalks, streets, alleys, parking lots, bike paths and outdoor dining areas


Rockville (MD) bans smoking and smokefree vaping at outdoor restaurant and bar areas

Regina (Canada) council bans smoking and smokefree vaping at restaurant and bar patios regina.ctvnews.ca/regina-city-council-votes-to-ban-smoking-on-patios-and-public-places-1.3434368

After Providence (RI) passes outdoor smoking/vaping ban, Mayor Jorge Elorza vetoes it


Pgh Post Gazette article touts PA bills (HB 1309 & SB 567) that would ban smoking in 1% of PA workplaces (that were exempt from 2008 PA Clean Indoor Air Act) as public health measure, but article fails to acknowledge the bills protect cigarettes by banning the use of lifesaving vapor products in 100% of PA workplaces.

(Note the Post Gazette and this article’s author misled readers about vaping to advocate Allegheny County’s cigarette protecting law that banned vaping in 99% of workplaces)

Vaping Bans

NY Assembly passes bill (A 516) to ban smokefree vaping in virtually all workplaces, referred to Senate Health Cmte




Rhode Island Senate Health Cmte approves bill (S 0446 Substitute A) to ban vaping in virtually all workplaces (by changing definition of smoking to include smokefree vaping) and to redefine tobacco retail store to include all vape shops, goes to full Senate


Canadian government promotes tobacco controllers’ hypocrisy and stupidity for claiming to want to sharply reduce smoking while continuing to demonize very low risk smokefree alternatives, ban flavored products, ban advertising, ban vaping in workplaces, etc.


Canadian Cancer Society vapor prohibitionist Rob Cunningham keeps protecting cigarettes by demonizing very low risk vapor products that help smokers quit smoking


Clive Bates and 17 other public health activists send letter to EU Commissioners urging them to repeal the EU’s inhumane cigarette protecting snus ban


Christopher Snowdon – A triumph of busybodies: the EU begins its crackdown on smokers and vapers

New laws in UK stiftle vaping’s success in curbing smoking

JTI criticizes New Extreme EU Tobacco and Vapor Rules

EU Health Commissioner Vytennis Andrukatis irresponsibly calls for creation of extremist “tobacco free world” even though cigarette smoking is the leading cause of disease and death, and is exponentially more harmful than all other tobacco products


Australian Parliament’s Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport announces“Inquiry into the Use of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporizers in Australia”;Invites submissions from interested persons and organizations by July 6, 2017

Joe Hildebrand – Gone in 60 seconds: Govt backs vaping law then announces inquiry one minute later (Australia) twitter.com/Joe_Hildebrand


Chris Bath: Government’s stance on e-cigarettes ‘doesn’t make sense’ (Australia)

VapingSavesAussieLives (denounces Australia’s vapor prohibition laws)

Quit Victoria’s Information Sheet on the Legal status of electronic cigarettes in Australia delineates many cigarette protecting vapor prohibition laws that threaten smokers’ lives

New Zealand

NZ Health Dept protects cigarettes by banning PMI’s low risk IQOS HEET Sticks



Clueless THR opponents praise NZ DOH for protecting cigarettes by banning IQOS


PMI press release: Action on IQOS demonstrates urgent need for reform (NZ)

Philip Morris ‘tobacco sticks’ court prosecution postponed until September (NZ)

End Smoking NZ: Support for smoke-free alternatives is key to Smokefree goal

Willie Jackson: Time to turn tables on tobacco companies (advocates vapor products)


Maharashtra Health Dept (India) pushes for cigarette protecting vapor ban

WHO Extremism

WHO continues to deceitfully conflate any/all tobacco use with daily cigarette smoking to promote its annual World No Tobacco Day, lies about risks/benefits of different tobacco products, demonizes all things tobacco as anti-environment, anti-development.






“Tobacco threatens us all,” says WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. “Tobacco exacerbates poverty, reduces economic productivity, contributes to poor household food choices, and pollutes indoor air.”



Stupid investors join with WHO to urge other stupid investors to lose money by divesting tobacco stocks (which have greatly outperformed other stocks), advocate cigarette protecting WHO FCTC policies to ban, tax, demonize low risk smokefree alternatives




Tobacco Control blog touts countries “celebrating” intolerant World No Tobacco Day, deceitfully conflates all low risk tobacco products with deadly cigarettes

WHO official praises Belarus for developing restrictions for the manufacturing, marketing and use of e-cigarettes, deceitfully claims it will be “a significant step towards reducing tobacco consumption in Belarus,”

Good Riddance: Vapor prohibitionist/propagandists Margaret Chan gives last WHO speech, thanks Big Pharma for its financial generosity, urges WHO to “Listen to civil society” and “Remember the people” (after Chan and WHO condemned a billion smokers to death by demonizing vaping and urging nations to ban lifesaving vapor products)

Questions around the candidacy of Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for WHO DG

Physicians letter in Lancet casts new shadow on Tedros WHO bid

Dr. Tedros Adhanom from Ethiopia elected new WHO Director General

Mike Siegel: Why is the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids congratulating a political leader accused of the murder of thousands of innocent civilians

Junk Rodent Studies, Propaganda and Lies

Arnold Foundation: Why Journalists should stop publishing studies conducted with mice

Can Animal Models of Disease Reliably Inform Human Studies?

Vaping opponents conduct/tout inapplicable rodent study (in which mice were forced to inhale large quantities of dry puffed vapor) to deceitfully insinuate that vaping is toxic and increases cancer risk in humans

Author of dry puff vapor study on mice (using mega amounts of high VG e-liquid with incompatible vaporizer) claims vaping high VG e-liquid can cause harm human lungs ajplung.physiology.org/content/early/2017/03/27/ajplung.00203.2016

News media repeat bogus fear mongering claims by author of inapplicable study on rodents without any fact checking


More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Regulator Watch: Dirty Tactics / How Climate Change Science Polluted Vaping

Carl Phillips: Lying with literally true statements is the worst kind of lying

JAMA Internal Medicine publishes junk study/editorial containing inconsistent and flawed constituent measurements for PMI’s IQOS heat not burn product; deceitfully calls the noncombustible products “cigarettes”, calls smokefree aerosol “smoke”, and accuses PMI of truthfully calling IQOS a heat not burn product to get around smoking bans; news media hypes claims by extremely biased junk study authors. jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/article-abstract/2628970

Irresponsible news media repeat false fear mongering claims of JAMA Internal Medicine article criticizing PMI’s IQOS, fail to do any fact checking



PMI responds to, exposes and refutes many flaws in IQOS junk study/letter published by JAMA Internal Medicine, many false fear mongering claims by its authors about IQOS

Fear mongering press release by American Urological Association on vaping and bladder cancer generates bogus fear mongering headlines (but cited study found the two so-called carcinogens in nonvapers as well as in vapers)




Konstantinos Farsalinos: Headline news about e-cigarettes causing bladder cancer based on non-specific biomarkers

Diane Caruana: Dr. Farsalinos about the claims that vaping leads to bladder cancer

Fergus Mason: Bladder cancer scare debunked as US health groups complain about FDA

Vapor prohibitionist American Cancer Society issues 2017 Facts and Figures that deceitfully claims “Smokeless tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and snuff, are not safe substitutes for combustible tobacco products”, “There is limited evidence that e-cigarettes and similar products help smokers quit”, “The use of e-cigarettes in youth has increased drastically in the past several years”, “e-cigarettes may act as a gateway to combustible tobacco use”, and “nicotine adversely affects adolescent brain development” (by citing inapplicable rodent studies).  Report hawks Big Pharma nicotine drugs for tobacco cessation, and fails to ethically disclose massive Big Pharma financing of ACS.

Colorado Health Dept’s Dr. Larry Wolk outrageously urges smokers to NOT switch to vapor products, repeats many fear mongering lies about vaping, hawks Big Pharma drugs


Vaping prohibitionist Michael Bloomberg deceptively touts himself and his foundation as anti smoking advocates, refuses to admit that vaping has helped millions quit smoking  www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-05-31/small-steps-can-save-millions-of-lives

Junk article entitled “E-smoking” repeats false fear mongering claims about vaping from many different junk studies

Anti vaping article hypocritically hypes increase in burns by vapor product batteries to scare readers, but fails to acknowledge the far greater decline in cigarette burns (as millions of smokers have switched to vaping)

USA Today headline, article scare readers by falsely claiming 3rd hand smoke is harmful

Imperial Tobacco Canada’s Eric Gagnon exposes irrational contradictions in Canada’s tobacco and marijuana laws, wisely advocates THR products and policies, but falsely claims “smoking marijuana has similar health risks to smoking tobacco.”

ASH complains smoking isn’t declining fast enough in the US (after ASH lied about vaping and urged FDA to ban lifevapor products since 2009), advocates banning  flavored smokefree products, more government subsidies for ineffective Big Pharma nicotine, more government funding for anti-tobacco/vapor propaganda, enactment of unconstitutional WHO FCTC advertising bans, etc.



Vapor prohibitionist Legacy lies initiative deceitfully conflates the nonexistant cancer risks of vaping, the negligible cancer risks of smokeless tobacco use, and the very low cancer risks of cigar/pipe smoking with the huge cancer risks of cigarette smoking.

Vapor prohibitionist Legacy lies initiative and Steven Schroeder claim smoking is a social justice issue, but fail to acknowledge vaping is a social justice and human rights issue (because Obama’s FDA’s banned vapor products and lied about them since 2009).

Tobacco controllers and ASCO deceitfully conflate any/all tobacco use with cigarette smoking, deceitfully claim there is insufficient evidence to conclude vaping can help smokers quit smoking, praise WHO FCTC (that opposes smokefree THR alternatives).

After protecting cigarettes by lobbying to ban very low risk snus and vapor products, Hong Kong’s Dr. Judith Mackay hypocritically touts herself as a public health activist


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