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A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives international documentary now available online (exposes the truth about vaping and the unscientific, unethical and inhumane War on Vaping; Godshall and vapor experts worldwide interviewed) abillionlives.vhx.tv/

THR Surveillance

CDC survey finds far more US adult smokers tried to quit smoking (during most recent quit attempt) by vaping (60%) from 2014-2016 than by using nicotine patches or gums (25%), getting help from a doctor or other health professional (15%), using Zyban or Chantix (12%), using quitlines (3%).  Note that smokers could check multiple answers, and that healthcare providers and quitlines recommend Big Pharma drugs to smokers.

Brad Rodu   CDC: E-cigarettes more popular than FDA-approved quitting aids rodutobaccotruth.blogspot.com/2017/04/cdc-e-cigarettes-more-popular-than-fda.html

Richard Craver: CDC report shows more smokers try to quit with e-cigs than nicotine replacement products www.journalnow.com/business/business_news/local/cdc-report-shows-more-smokers-try-to-quit-with-e/article_a33383f3-5300-5178-9f14-28b52884c45c.html

London Fire Brigade finds 3,500 fires caused by cigarette smoking, 14 caused by vaping, in past three years (documenting that vaping poses far fewer safety risks than smoking) www.itv.com/news/london/2017-04-09/fire-death-risk-cut-by-vaping-rather-than-smoking-study-finds/

Switch to vape to reduce fire death risk warns London Fire Brigade www.fire-magazine.com/switch_to_vaping_to_reduce_fire_death_risk_warns_london_fire_brigade_25769839706.aspx

Analysis of 2014 NYTS (which found a record decline in youth smoking, and <.1% of never tobacco users reported vaping on 10 or more of the past 30 days) finds mean age for first e-cig use was 17.5 years (compared to 14-15 years for first cigarette use), further debunking lies that vaping has addicted a  generation  of nonsmoking youth, and is a  gateway  to cigarettes. But authors falsely claim vaping is  smoking  and falsely claim e-cig experimentation is  initiation  to demonize vaping, which Peter Hajak clarifies. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28372920

FDA Deeming Ban

Jan Verleur: How Trump can light the way for the e-cigarette industry dailycaller.com/2017/04/14/how-trump-can-light-the-way-for-the-e-cigarette-industry/

Michael Moynihan: Will the government stop e-cigarettes?

Kathy Hoekstra: Unsung hero of rural America: Fred Kelly Grant instructs local officials how to beat environmental nannies www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/apr/13/fred-kelly-grant-shows-rural-america-how-to-beat-e/

CASAA asks all vapers to contact their members of Congress urging support for including the Cole/Bishop bill in the FY 2017 budget casaa.org/calls-to-action/keep-cole-bishop-in-the-2017-us-budget/

ATR urges HHS Secretary Tom Price to provide regulatory relief to emerging vapor market www.atr.org/atr-urges-hhs-secretary-tom-price-provide-regulatory-relief-emerging-vapor-market

Bloomberg news story hypocritically touts accusation by vapor prohibitionist CTFK that FDA nominee Scott Gottlieb has vapor conflict of interest (without acknowledging CTFK has lied about vapor products and lobbied FDA to ban them since 2009, and that CTFK has received >$100 Million from Big Pharma and millions more from Bloomberg) www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-04-19/vaping-venture-poses-potential-conflict-for-trump-s-fda-nominee

NY Times editorial deceitfully defends Obama s FDA vapor product sale ban on 8/8/2018 (without acknowledging that key fact), falsely portrays the vapor industry as controlled by Big Tobacco, repeats fear mongering lies about lifesaving vapor products, falsely insinuates Cole/Bishop protects Big Tobacco, fails to acknowledge FDA s Deeming Rule protects cigarettes from market competition by 10,000 vapor companies, and will create a monopoly for e-cigarettes controlled by Big Tobacco. www.nytimes.com/2017/04/19/opinion/big-tobacco-attacks-sensible-fda-rules-on-vaping.html


FDA awards $625 Million to True North Communications to deceive the public about the vastly different risks and benefits of different tobacco/nicotine/vapor products



DHHS Lobbying for FDA Deeming Ban

CDC financed Univ of North Carolina tobacco control propaganda campaign protects cigarettes by declaring war on all low risk vapor, smokeless tobacco and OTP manufacturers, retailers, advertisements and packages; deceitfully conflates lifesaving vapor and low risk OTP with deadly cigarettes; hawks Big Pharma nicotine, promotes junk science, advocates anti THR laws lobbied for by CTFK and other Big Pharma shills countertobacco.org/

CDC study confirms the vast majority of cigalike e-cigs sold at Nielsen tracked retailers contain nicotine (to lobby for FDA s mandated warning that falsely insinuates nicotine in vapor products has addicted lots of nonsmokers), fails to study premium vapor products (that are used by most vapers, including virtually all vapers who quit smoking)

Legacy lies initiative cites CDC s irrelevant cigalike sales data (that didn t include any data from vape shops or online vapor vendors) to challenge MTF survey finding that most youth who vape don t vape nicotine, yet again lobbies for FDA s Deeming Ban (without ethically admitting it bans sales of all lifesaving vapor products to adults).

Study finds just 15% of teen vapers reported primarily using cigalike e-cigs, debunking CDC s new study on cigalikes, whose authors claimed virtually all e-cigs emit nicotine academic.oup.com/ntr/article-abstract/doi/10.1093/ntr/ntx069/3077310/Type-of-E-Cigarette-Device-Used-among-Adolescents?redirectedFrom=fulltext


US Navy issues many press releases touting its ban on possession of lifesaving vapor products on ships and aircraft (after 8 reported battery incidents, primarily due to mishandled mech mod batteries); but Navy still allows cigarette smoking on ships, and still allows far more hazardous weapons and ammunition on ships and aircraft (after hundreds/thousands of previous incidents that caused far greater harm and damage)










News story deceptively claims purpose of Rep. Wenstrup s bill (HR 1662) to ban vaping and smoking at all VA facilities is to protect people from 2nd hand smoke www.newsherald.com/news/20170416/local-veterans-oppose-potential-smoking-ban


Michelle Minton: Competitive Enterprise Institute s e-cigarette lawsuit takes on activist agencies (US DOT) cei.org/blog/cei-e-cigarette-lawsuit-takes-activist-agencies

Oral arguments made in CEI v DOT


Secret ATF account paid for $21,000 Nascar Suite and Las Vegas trip www.nytimes.com/2017/04/11/us/politics/alcohol-tobacco-firearms-atf.html


Tobacco companies ordered to pay $35M in Florida case www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-bz-nsf-florida-tobacco-ruling-20170412-story.html

Florida Appeals Court upholds $11M verdict against RJR for smoker s throat cancer blog.cvn.com/fl-appeals-court-upholds-11m-verdict-against-rjr-for-smokers-throat-cancer

Florida jury awards $1 million to widow in Engle progeny case (FL) www.lexislegalnews.com/mealeys-tobacco/articles/16317/florida-jury-awards-1-million-to-widow-in-engle-progeny-suit

Travis County (TX) man files lawsuit over vapor battery that exploded in his pocket www.statesman.com/news/crime–law/man-files-lawsuit-travis-court-over-burns-from-cigarette-battery/J9BTeVZVXi8kZBz2JsHCFM/


NY Budget approved without any vapor tax, without indoor vaping ban and without Gov. Cuomo s proposed reduction in cigar tax; American Cancer Society upset its Big Pharma funders weren t protected from market competition by lifesaving vapor products.




Heartland s Glans/Stroud: Washington State vaping tax is a bad idea www.heartland.org/publications-resources/publications/research–commentary-washington-state-vaping-tax-is-a-bad-idea

PA e-cig shop owner urges court to preserve suit over state vapor tax www.law360.com/articles/913225/pa-e-cig-shop-urges-court-to-preserve-suit-over-state-tax

Indiana Monopoly Law

Issues with vaping law left unresolved

Cigarette Prohibition

Mike Cummings (who advocated the TCA, FDA s 2009 e-cig ban, and FDA s Deeming Ban) to promote cigarette prohibition (via FDA mandating very low nicotine cigarettes) at annual shareholder meeting of Century 22 (which has been financed by DHHS, has patented low nicotine cigarettes, and is lobbying FDA to give it a cigarette monopoly) www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170418005860/en/World-Renowned-Smoking-Cessation-Scientist-Dr.-Michael-Cummings

Vapor Sales Ban

San Francisco bill would absurdly ban sales of all flavored vapor and tobacco products (but not deadly non menthol cigarettes) www.sfexaminer.com/sf-ban-sale-flavored-tobacco-products-including-menthol-cigarettes/

Two Oakland (CA) council members threaten lives of smokers and vapers by proposing bill to would ban sales of lifesaving vapor products and flavored cigars, but not cigarettes www.eastbayexpress.com/SevenDays/archives/2017/04/13/oakland-officials-want-to-ban-flavored-blunt-wrappers-two-pack-cigars-and-vape-juice

Online Vapor Sales Regulation

Iowa Senate Appropriations Cmte approves bill to regulate online sales of vapor products iowapublicradio.org/post/gop-bill-bans-underage-sales-e-cigarettes-online#stream/0

OTP Flavoring Ban

Study authors claim OTP manufacturers changed names of flavored OTP to comply with NYC s unwarranted ban on certain flavors in tobacco (that hypocritically exempted menthol cigarettes, which kill 100+ times more people than all OTP use combined), urge FDA to impose even more unwarranted tobacco flavoring restrictions.

Retailer Restriction

Big Pharma funded ACS lobbies NYC Council to impose tobacco/vapor retailer fees, reduce number of retailers, impose more limits where tobacco/vapor products can be sold

Minimum Age Laws

Brad Rodu: Age restrictions on smoking, drinking and driving rodutobaccotruth.blogspot.com/2017/04/age-restrictions-on-smoking-drinking.html

Garden City (KS) Commission increases minimum age for vapor/tobacco sales to 21 www.gctelegram.com/news/local/city-votes-to-raise-age-for-tobacco-e-cigarette-purchases/article_1d9fae51-db63-55de-8460-9b0807cd6731.html

Jefferson City (MO) Council increases minimum age for vapor/tobacco sales to 21 www.komu.com/news/jefferson-city-raises-minimum-age-to-purchase-tobacco

Tompkins County (NY) considers increasing minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21 www.ithaca.com/news/ithaca/smoked-out-will-tompkins-raise-the-tobacco-age-to/article_f865b4be-1f9e-11e7-8c85-cb76bf507e10.html

Osage Beach (MO) alderman introduces bill to increase minimum sales age for tobacco  and vapor products to 21 www.lakenewsonline.com/news/20170410/city-considers-increasing-age-for-purchase-of-tobacco

Aspen (CO) City Council considers regulating vapor sales (but not deadly cigarettes) and increasing minimum sale age for vapor and tobacco to 21 years as Pitkin County Medical Officer Kimberly Levin repeats lies about lifesaving vapor products to lobby for laws.

Sales to Minor

Suffolk County (NY) sting cites four clerks for selling vapor to undercover minor

Tobacco Use / Vaping Bans

Intolerant Legacy lies initiative and CVS protect cigarettes, threaten public health by lobbying colleges to ban the use very low risk lifesaving smokefree alternatives, denying the health benefits of smokers switching to low risk vapor and smokeless tobacco.

Smokeless Tobacco Use Bans

Big Pharma, FDA, NIH funded American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown lobbies to ban all adults from using very low risk smokeless tobacco products (which are 99% less harmful than cigarettes, pose no risks to nonusers, have helped many people quit smoking, and are similar to Big Pharma s nicotine gum), grossly exaggerates negligible risks of smokeless tobacco, repeats fear mongering propaganda to confuse and scare.

Vaping/Smoking Bans

Lafayette City-Parish (LA) bans vaping in all workplaces, bans smoking in bars www.katc.com/story/35183359/lcg-bans-smoking-in-lafayette-bars

Providence (RI) City Council to consider bill to ban outdoor vaping and smoking in nine block area of downtown Providence wpri.com/2017/04/17/proposal-to-ban-smoking-in-part-of-downtown-providence-to-get-city-council-vote/

Arlington (TX) Council tentatively bans vaping in all workplaces, bans smoking in some previously exempted workplaces; final vote on proposed ordinance next week arlingtonvoice.com/arlington/politics/2017/04/11/new-smoking-rules-make-arlington-100-smoke-free

California bill (AB 725) would ban vaping and smoking at all CA beaches and parks, but bill supporters deceitfully claim purpose of bill is to protect people from 2nd hand smoke.

WellCare of Kentucky to give $20,000 to groups to lie about the low risks of vaping and smokeless tobacco use, and to lobby for vaping and smoking bans www.wtvq.com/2017/04/18/20k-grants-offered-programs-aimed-reducing-tobacco-use-kentucky/

Vaping Bans

New Mexico Gov. Sue Martinez issues pocket veto for bill (SB 318) that would have banned vaping in all workplaces

Guy Bentley: Discrimination, bad science and spying neighbors plague unprecedented California tobacco law

CASAA asks Alaska vapers to urge their Representatives to oppose bill (SB 63) that would ban vaping in all workplaces, which was approved by the Alaska Senate casaa.org/call-to-action/ak-take-action-to-oppose-an-indoor-vaping-ban-sb-63/

Louisville (KY) Mayor Greg Fischer falsely claims vapor products  pose health dangers to nonusers  to lobby for cigarette protecting vaping ban in workplaces www.courier-journal.com/story/opinion/contributors/2017/04/13/update-needed-smoke-free-ordinance-comment/100318506/

Bloomington (IN) Council to consider protecting cigarettes by banning vaping www.heraldtimesonline.com/news/local/bloomington-city-council-leans-toward-limiting-e-cigarette-use-in/article_86c5a387-642b-5cba-997d-d8ede5ee3bf6.html

Canadian Government Considers S-5 to Regulate Vapor Marketing and Ban Vaping

Brent Stafford   Suited Up: Fight for Vaping Rights (interviews Candian Vaping Association s Shawn Kreger) www.regulatorwatch.com/brent_stafford/suited-industry-fights-vaping-rights-ottawa-part-1/

NSRA s Melodie Tilson (who advocated Health Canada s purported nicotine vapor sales ban of 2009) testifies on S-5 in support of mandatory plain-packaging law for all tobacco products (including very low risk smokeless tobacco) despite no evidence Australia s plain packaging law reduced cigarette consumption or the smoking rate.  (April 5, 2017) www.regulatorwatch.com/brent_stafford/soci-day-1-1of4-regwatch-cut/

Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada s David Jones testifies on S-5 in support of legalizing sale and use of lifesaving vapor products (April 5, 2017) www.regulatorwatch.com/brent_stafford/soci-day-1-2of4-regwatch-cut/

Canadian Senators question THRAC s David Jones, NSRA s Pippa Beck and Melodie Tilson (who want to ban vaping in all workplaces, ban vapor flavors, advertising and many other rights of vapers and vapor companies)  (April 5, 2017) www.regulatorwatch.com/brent_stafford/soci-day-1-3of4-regwatch-cut/

Canadian Convenience Store Association s Satinder Chera testifies on S-5 and vapor www.regulatorwatch.com/brent_stafford/soci-day-1-4of4-regwatch-cut/


New laws restricting sale of e-liquids and e-cigarettes will make vaping more expensive www.thesun.co.uk/money/3309977/new-laws-restricting-sale-of-e-liquids-and-e-cigarettes-will-make-vaping-more-expensive/


UK Supreme Court refuses to allow tobacco companies to appeal plain packaging tobacco law despite its uncompensated seizure of IP rights and no evidence the law can reduce smoking or cigarette consumption, tobacco controllers cheer court ruling that would violate the 1st amendment of the US Constitution www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2016/1182.htm






Eva Kr l kov  and Clive Bates encourage Czech Ministry of Health to support THR www.clivebates.com/documents/CzechLetterApril17-EN.pdf


E-cigarette ban has advocates fuming (Australia)

Australia s $40 per pack cigarette tax plans: the need to consider equity (authors reveal negative ramifications of excessive cigarette taxes, but fail to recommend legalizing very low risk vapor and snus products to let smokers quit. (note that A$40 is equal to US$30).

Tobacco tax hikes are great, so long as you re not a poor smoker (Australia)


Taiwanese extremists cite hazards of cigarette smoking to lobby for vapor sales ban


A race to restore confidence in the World Health Organization (Godshall comments) healthaffairs.org/blog/2017/04/06/a-race-to-restore-confidence-in-the-world-health-organization/


WHO falsely labels China s cigarette epidemic as a tobacco epidemic, deceitfully conflates low risk smokefree products with deadly cigarettes (as Margaret Chan to exit) www.wpro.who.int/china/publications/2017_china_tobacco_control_report_en.pdf




THR Research

BAT study finds Vype vapor s impact on genes in human respiratory tissue is <1% of that from cigarette smoke.

Participants sought for e-cigarette stop smoking clinical trial (NZ) www.nzdoctor.co.nz/un-doctored/2017/april-2017/10/Participants-sought-for-e-cigarette-stop-smoking-trial.aspx

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Clive Bates: In cheap political stunt Royal Society for Public Health sounds a fake alarm about a non-problem (UK RSPH)

Carl Phillips: Real implications of the RSPH sting of e-cig vendors (UK RSPH) antithrlies.com/2017/04/08/real-implications-of-the-rsph-sting-of-ecig-vendors/

Paul Barnes: Much Ado About Nothing (UK RSPH) factsdomatter.co.uk/2017/04/07/much-ado-about-nothing/

Dick Puddlecote: Today s lesson in who not to trust (UK RSPH) dickpuddlecote.blogspot.com/2017/04/todays-lesson-in-who-not-to-trust.html

IBVTA responds to RSPH s unethical gotcha sting on vape shops (UK RSPH) www.ibvta.org.uk/vaping-non-smokers

Big Pharma financed ALA s Norm Edelman deceitfully tells smokers that vapor products and snus are just as harmful as smoking cigarettes, fails to ethically disclose ALA s irreconcilable Big Pharma $$$ conflict of interest www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/2017/04/13/reduce-your-lung-cancer-risk-with-these-5-tips-other-than-not-smoking.html

NIH funded researchers at Cincinnati Children s Hospital find trace levels (nanograms) of nicotine on hands of children whose parent(s) smoke at home, but researchers falsely tell news media that trace levels of nicotine in 3rd hand smoke is harmful to humans



Cleveland Clinic publicizes false fear mongering claims about 3rd hand smoke by pulmonologist Humberto Choi health.clevelandclinic.org/2017/04/5-things-you-should-know-about-the-risks-of-thirdhand-smoke/

Vaping opponents inappropriately tout invalid rodent study to claim vaping by pregnant women can cause asthma in human babies medicalxpress.com/news/2017-04-mothers-vape-pregnancy-babies-asthma.html

Vaping opponents at St Andrews Univ (Scotland) denounce vaping after their study finds most vapers are smokers, repeat false claim that vaping is gateway to cigarette smoking

Tobacco prohibitionist (and editor of TC) Ruth Malone deceitfully conflates very low risk smokefree tobacco with deadly cigarettes to falsely and absurdly claim tobacco not only threatens  individual health , but also  social and environmental justice . tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/26/3/241?etoc

The Sun (UK) deceives readers about the very low risks of vaping, repeats false fear mongering anti-vaping propaganda www.thesun.co.uk/living/3299569/vaping-safer-new-laws/

NWI Times  Kaye Frataccia falsely claims vaping is as harmful as smoking cigarettes, and other things to demonize lifesaving vapor products www.nwitimes.com/news/local/porter/valparaiso/when-a-vape-is-more-than-just-a-vape/article_31a31f33-8a25-575b-ad99-0137e2b1341e.html

Dave, Feng & Pesko: The effects of e-cigarette minimum legal sale age laws on youth substance use (authors deceptively insinuate that small cherry picked associations found between state youth sales ban dates and teen smoking were caused by changes in laws, news media repeat authors  false assertion that banning vapor sales to youth caused  youth smoking to increase (as youth smoking has sharply declined in every state)





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