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If you arrived here from our store or from simply browsing the Internet for more information, you’re probably wondering “Where Do I Start?”  To get started you can read our summaries: About Vapor Products and About e-Liquids.  But the truth is, there have been considerable (and rapid) changes in the landscape since these were written. There was, and is so much information (and disinformation) out there that someone new to vaping can quickly become overwhelmed, confused or even discouraged. We know – we were there once.

If you want to browse additional information, the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF)is a great places to find scores of material, as well as a helpful, progressive community of like-minded individuals. Along with discussions on every topic imaginable, you’ll also find videos and tutorials created and posted by veteran vapers.  Any time spent on this forum is time well-spent.

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