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About Our Flavor Concentrates

Now you can have your favorite flavors in your beverage glass, on the dinner table or your snack tray!

A little about our Flavor Concentrates: We mix the Flavor Concentrates used in our "catalog" e-liquids (those listed in the e-liquid section) so we can use them at a consistent 20% ratio in our e-liquid production. Flavors NOT listed in the e-liquid section (only found in the Flavor Concentrate section) may or may not be optimal at 20%. When less is required, this is noted on the Flavor Concentrate product page. When a lower percentage is recommended, this is noted on the flavor page. Many of the flavors we mix are already optimal from our sources, but some require additional dilution (pineapple is a good examples), in which case we dilute with propylene glycol, which is the most common based used for flavorings.

Other than that, there’s nothing “exclusive” in their application to e-liquid, and they can be (and have been) used in many other formulas calling for flavoring. We like to use them in candy recipes and drinks, but the applications are only limited to your imagination and your desire to experiment. Other possibilities include yogurt, syrup, ice cream, baked goods, salads and salad dressings, and even gelatin shots ;)

Unless stated otherwise on the individual product page, all of our flavors are made with ingredients certified for use in food. We do NOT add diacetyl or ingredients known to contain diacetyl, which is approved for use in food, but known to cause inhalation risks. There may still trace amounts of diacetyl in some flavors, and this is noted on the flavor page. Please see HERE for an explanation about this.

Most of our e-liquids contain a mixture of natural and/or artificial flavoring. If you have known allergies to any particular food items (e.g. nuts, fruits, sweeteners, etc) you should obviously avoid choosing flavors which are likely to contain any of the allergens you have a sensitivity to.

Please Note: Flavor Concentrates ARE NOT to be used (and will not taste as expected) without additional dilution. Most other applications call for a much lower percentage than the 20% ratio we use for our e-liquid. One of the primary reasons is because of the difference in sensory perception (smelling versus eating). Most ratios are typically in the range of 0.25% to 5%.

For example, when used to flavor water, an eight ounce glass may only require 3-5 drops of flavoring. We highly recommend having sweetener on hand - you can use “traditional” flavoring sweeteners like sucralose and maltodextrin, or sometimes adding a bit of vegetable glycerin can be enough to add that touch of sweet.  Sugar and honey can also be used as a sweetener in flavored drinks (most candy and baked goods recipes already have sweetener and likely won't need additional).

Citric acid is also good to have on hand to brighten up citrus recipes and add tartness. Perceived flavor is affected by the sugar, fats and bulking or emulsifying agents in a recipe, so please be creative but conservative when you start mixing and expect some experimenting before you find that perfect flavor. A medicinal taste or residual or filmy after-taste means you have used too much flavoring. A bitter taste can also be the result of over-flavoring, but it can also indicate the need for sweetener.

Ideas! To help you get your creative...um...juices flowing, we'de like to share with you some awesome recipes put together by one of our favorite suppliers. They also have an e-book with additional recipes available for download here.

If you're new to DIY, try one of these simple-to-use calculators:

For Free Use Online: Steam Engine E-Juice
Free Download for Desktop: eJuicemeup
Free Download for Android: E-Liquid Calculator
Free to Join DIY Community with Calculator & Recipes: e-Liquid Recipes


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