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How We Got Here Our Commitment Important Notice

How We Got Here...

Like many vapers, we were long-time (many, many years), heavy smokers who knew we wanted to get away from the tobacco smoke. There are a lot of alternatives out there, but they weren't for us.

We had "heard" about the "e-cig" through spam emails, but never clicked any of the links, much less looked into it. The assumption being that whatever it was, it sounded right up there with a lot of the health jewelry (not that there might be something to some of that, but let's face it - most of it is a sham). We unintentionally stumbled across a YouTube video (don't you just love technology?!) demonstrating the e-cigarette, and more out of curiosity, began to look into it. 

After considerable research, we decided to give the e-cig a try. We ordered kits and some pre-made juices in varying strengths. We did not purchase the device as, nor did we expect it to be, a smoking cessation device. We had "accepted" that we would probably be life-long tobacco smokers, but were willing to try something new as an alternative to get away from at least some of the tobacco smoke. We were skeptical, but open-minded.

We were very surprised - and impressed. To put it to our own real test, we agreed between ourselves to go as long as we could without a tobacco cigarette. We personally found the e-cig to be a viable alternative to tobacco smoking. Within a very short time it was obvious we were going to full-time "vapers." One thing we decided on before we started vaping was that if we enjoyed it and continued, we would make our own juices. There were three reasons for that:

We felt we would have more control over the purity of the ingredients.

    - We were already knowledgeable on the primary ingredients used.
    - We owned a business making products using the primary ingredients, so we already had most of what was needed, including flavors.
    - We brought to the table over 25 years of experience in aromatherapy, perfumery and natural body and culinary products, as well as 30+ years in the medical field.  Both of these fields demand a knowledge and understand of chemistry and aseptic technique. Add to that a few years experience as an "old school" (and awesome ;) bartender, and you have eJuiceMonkeys waiting to be born....   

Naturally, friends and family were curious as to what we were doing, and we explained what these were and how they worked. The smokers among them wanted to learn more. The non-smokers among them were impressed enough that they told their smoker friends, and so on.  But because of the vast amounts of information (and disinformation) out there, people who had not spent hours researching were confused on where to start and what to buy.

It was getting difficult and time-consuming to explain the world of vaping, and since we also had plenty of web space (and it had been suggested), we put up links and information for our friends and their friends to access. But friends and friends of friends still wanted us to order equipment for them,  they wanted the flavors we were making, and it wasn't long before they wanted a website to check it all out....

Our Commitment to You...

We are committed to providing quality products and information to adult smokers seeking an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. We are diligent about quality control, safety, education and service. The electronic cigarette industry is in its infancy and as such is not yet regulated in the United States. For that reason, we are all the more mindful of the importance of maintaining quality business practices, and we are aware of the impact our actions can have on the future of the industry. While there are not yet formal industry-wide standards in place, we voluntarily adhere to proposed compliance articles set forth by The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, as well as additional standards and regulations proposed by professional members of the industry. 

We're fully committed to providing products only to adults of legal smoking age. Payments generated from student payment accounts will be rejected and purchases will be canceled. If we have any reason to believe a purchase is being made by a minor, or for a minor, we will cancel the purchase immediately. We reserve the right, and will take action to restrict IP addresses from accessing or purchasing from our site.  

We are further committed to advocate for the e-cigarette industry by approaching policy-makers and interested organizations, by supporting scientific and academic research and the development of industry standards, and by promoting public awareness and education on the true nature of the e-cigarette and its users. As funds permit, we help to financially support these activities and endeavors, and look toward the development of and membership in associations promoting the same.  

We welcome any comments or suggestions and look forward to serving you.

Please be responsible with your usage of any vapor product. 

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy our site!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The e-cigarette is not a smoking cessation device, and has not been tested or approved as such. Individuals use the e-cigarette for a variety of reasons and experiences are unique. The statements on this page reflect the owners' personal experiences only, and serve strictly as part of a summary of the business' history.  Statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition, disorder, disease or physical or mental conditions and should never be used as a substitute for your physician’s advice. No product or statement made anywhere on this site has been evaluated or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Readers and customers assume all responsibility for the application of any information provided or linked to on this website. eJuiceMonkeys.com is not responsible for readers' or customers' health, safety or equipment, or any harm or damages that result from use or misuse of e-cigarette devices, parts or liquids.

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