April 21, 2018

Assembling and Troubleshooting eGo-C Atomizer

First, always blow any existing fluid out of new atomizers, then prime atomizer bridge with a drop or two of eJuice.

Fill cartridges using a syringe or by removing the plug at the bottom of the tank cartridge and dripping ejuice into the cartridge (and remember to replace plug after filling). To allow airflow and to avoid possible leaking or backflow of ejuice in your mouth, do not fill cartridge entirely to the edge of the plug.

Align the cartridge in the atomizer as shown right. Make sure the cartridge is firmly seated in atomizer. There should be no gap between the edge of the atomizer and ridge of cartridge.

Make certain to regularly check the plug at the end of the tank cartridge. Over time, the hole becomes bigger, reducing the effectivness of the seal (and thus airflow) and causing leakage. Replace cartridge (or plug) at first signs of wear to prevent leakage and possible battery damage.

Proper alignment eGo-C cartridge

Proper alignment eGo-C cartridge

On occasion, wicking issues may occur if the hole pierced in the cartridge plug is too small, or if the plastic “chad” obstructs flow. Use the end of a paperclip to gently and minimally enlarge the hole, or use tweezers to remove the chad.

To Change Atomizer Heads: unscrew cone & remove head, place new head in base, screw cone back on to secure. Tight is better for a good connection! This will not damage battery or atomizer.


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