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510 Bridgeless Atties - Black



**** For the experienced vaporer. The sealed connection post should be much less hassle, overall. The simple design and concept of bridgeless atomizers is elegant and efficient. There isn't much to say because of this. It does what it's supposed to and it can last much longer than a cartomizer, if you're really taking care of it. TIP: If you are sampling flavors, get some organic 100% VG FLAVORLESS e-juice to prime it and you can pretty much switch flavors all day without having to clean it out for every switch! AWESOME.

***** For the beginner to avid vaporer. Since, generally, it's the epitome of the simple concept of vaporizer technology (button to battery, battery to coil, liquids on coil vaporize), there isn't much of a learning curve. These atty's are pretty much idiot proof, if you follow the three simplie rules: 1) Protect the coil (whether that means covering it with drip tips, the tip that it comes with, or in anyway that never disturbs the coil--THEY ARE VERY FRAGILE). 2) 5-6 drops to prime it and 2-3 there after. 3) When cleaning it, wash the coil in warm water, blow it out from the connector side, and let dry. Seriously, unless you accidentally crush or bend the thing, there's not much to worry about with the atty.

If you are looking for a coil system with the least amount of complexity with maintenance, the most frugal with e-juice, and the most portability overall Bridgeless, Sealed Conn. Post Atomizers are it. Hands down. My personal rating: ***** [But don't think I'm not an experienced vaporer. =)]

Personal Thanks and Kudos to for carrying these specifically (with sealed connection post). I've yet find them anywhere else and I SCOUR the internet!
Date Added: 10/13/2012 by Steven Lopez

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