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510 Bridgeless LR Atties - Black


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A 510 Bridgeless Low Resistance Atomizer for the perfect dripper's experience! These sealed post atomizers have no bridge and an exposed coil in a deep ceramic well. And with the sealed connection post, messy leaks onto you battery (and fingers) are dramatically reduced. 

On new atties, drip 4-5 drops and allow 30-40 seconds to prime the coil. Add a couple more drops after the first few draws, then enjoy tons of flavor and vapor!

Please note that extreme over-filling can still cause leaking through the two air flow holes in the threading, and that you can't use the standard "rinse and blow" cleaning method. A good soak in PGA, followed by several good shakes does just as well. With the atomizer filled with PGA (or warm water), place you thumb or finger over the opening, shake vigorously several times, repeat, then drain dry.

Low resistance atomizers work extremely well at simulating high voltage vaping. They draw more current, making them hotter, which produces more vapor (15-25% more) faster. Their high performance, however, gives them a significantly reduced life span.

These low resistance (about 1.5 ohm) atomizers are for use only with eGo 650mAh or higher batteries. These should not be used with 510 mini batteries as they will decrease the life of the battery and the atomizer. These should not be used with 5v or 6v batteries.

We highly recommend marking low resistance atomizers in some manner so its easier to distinguish them from regular atomizers.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing atomizers every 2-3 weeks (with proper care, however, an atomizer can last up to several months). It's a good idea to always have a couple extra on hand.

See more about atomizer care in our About e-Cigs section.

Use with standard 510 drip tips for easy, hassle-free dripping.


Resistance: 1.5ohm (+/- .2)
Threading: 510
Color: Black

Low Resistance Atomizers have DOA Warranty Only


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