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Where Do I Start?

To get started you can read our summaries: About e-Cigs and About e-Juices. But the truth is, there is more information out there than you can imagine.  So much information that someone new to vaping (or simply interested in finding out just what the heck vaping is) can quickly become overwhelmed, confused or even discouraged. We know - we were there once.

Because the links previously on this page were continuously growing and becoming a bit unmanageable, we developed the eJuiceMonkeys Business Blogger (opens in new page).  In this section, we provide useful help and information links categorized by topic and an evolving archive of articles, developments and news related to e-cigarettes.  We encourage you to comment, discuss or ask questions!

Click here for Links, How-to Information, Articles and Discussion!

eJuiceMonkeys Business Blog

If you want to browse additional information, the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) and the Right To Vape Forum (RTV) are great places to find scores of material, as well as helpful (and rapidly growing) communities of like-minded individuals. Along with discussions on every topic imaginable, you will also find videos and tutorials created and posted by members.  Any time spent on the forums is time well-spent.

As always, of course, you are welcome to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments!

PLEASE NOTE: The information linked to here is for informational purposes only and is provided as a courtesy to you. None of the linked  statements, reports, discussions, findings, opinions or subject matter in general have been evaluated or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration unless otherwise noted. While some linked materials may discuss smoking cessation and/or health, the e-cigarette is not a smoking cessation device and eJuiceMonkeys in no way endorses it as a smoking cessation device or one that delivers health benefits. Any product provider making such claims or endorsements is in clear violation of the law. Readers and customers assume all responsibility for the application of any information provided or linked to on this page or on this website.


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